Monday, 29 June 2009

Central Saint Martains graduate show

The work produced by Central Saint Martain's students was full of diverse and inspiring pieces of work. I was attracted to this particular piece because of it's original and striking concept. The student has created an edible poster from the theme of curiosity. The focus is on interaction in which the piece gradually disappears. The phrase 'A darle que es chocolate de olla' is a Mexican saying which suggests trying new experience. It unites the concept: referring to the material, whilst reflecting the chocolate's Mexican origin.

I was immediately drawn to this execution, because it relates to a similar brief that was set to my year group. It was interesting to see another student from a different university's interpretation of adding value to an everyday product. In this case, the design is for a loose leaf tea packaging. With the brand name 'Easy Loose,' the design is a 3 in 1 concept: tea bags, a cup lid shape, a filter and deodorizer.

Super Contemporary at the Design Museum

As a 'Londoner' myself, i very much enjoyed the exhibition at the Design Museum which presented design in London from the past, right through to the present day. As you walk through the room, you are taken on a journey, by following the creative time line bursting with graphic design, Architecture, fashion and communications that stretches along the walls.