Thursday, 1 October 2009

Eat Me

This is a book that showcases some of the brilliant food and drink packaging designs from a broad range of agencies and designer's. It touches on all the different aspects to packaging design that makes it such a success. From the witty copy writing in the Ben and Jerry's ice cream tubs, to the rise of own- label packaging of selfriges that stand as a threat to the the actual brands.

The message of desirability runs throughout the book with cropped images of a women seductively interacting with the food. Her bright red lipstick and nail varnish also conveys this idea of desire within food packaging. It has a simple and effective layout, with the type positioned, at times, diagonally across the page creating an interactive experience. Moreover the imagery exists as the largest, most dominating feature to the page, enabling you to leaf through the book and appreciate the beautiful designs. Finally there are case studies that are included at the end of the book, giving you an insight into the process that goes into how a product can achieve added value through its packaging design.

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